Wednesday, May 17, 2017

From Atom To Cosmos

I came across this film a week ago and was surprised at how long ago it came out, and how spot on it was. but was only now just hearing about it.  I can't say how true this film will be for you, but everything I've learned in my life up to this point agree's with it. It's helped me confirm some thoughts Ive been having for a while, first of all that language has been corrupted, degraded, perverted. Any of these words work, whether this has been the deliberate act of any one group is debatable, imo improbable, and besides the point. I think this degradation is symptomatic of our spiritual digression manifesting in different forms. 
Nikola Tesla said “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” You could say that God is vibration, the building blocks of the universe. It makes perfect sense that language being the vibrations we communicate with, could be formed in ways that are harmonious and conductive to our realities resonant frequency of seven hz. While if this is true then naturally there would also be inharmonious forms. This documentary Kymatica delves into this subject citing a study where certain ancient hebrew words were read aloud and then caused a candles flame to burn brighter comparatively to other dialects. 
Something else I would like to point out is their analysis of the laws of the universe as they would unfold naturally, and how they correspond to the ancient Hebrew alphabet. Love as the highest law, with then will being second, right underneath it. This helped me begin to truly grasp the nature of Aleister Crowley's Law of Thelema, do what thou wilt, and it’s intended purpose. Love is the law, love under will. Those words alone speak volumes when put into this context. It should be noted the deceptive nature in which it is worded. Love shall be the law, gives people the idea that the law is about love, or that love is an important part of the law. The trick here is that the law is love, under will, so the very law itself is a reversal of this sacred knowledge. 
Rather than their beliefs having anything to do with love, this represents a split from love, and a recognition of will and desire taking president.  Even in this film it is noted the reversal of these laws outcome is destruction or extinction, without overtly making this connection. Crowley is often called the most influential man of his century, for good reason just take a look at his lengthy wikipedia page and you"ll see why. His legacy is openly celebrated in all avenues that these elite secret societies have influence over, Hollywood, the Music Industry, and Washington. This is only further proof that they are well aware of this sacred knowledge, but rather than trying to share it with the world, they covet it, and pervert it for there own selfish aims.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Russell Brand, EXPOSED as a Fabian society elite puppet

Heres a video I've been meaning to post on here for awhile. Its a great example of how these random celebrities you might not expect are used as puppets for the elites. This guy narrating has much wisdom to share. If you enjoy this, you should watch more of his stuff

Friday, March 3, 2017

My apologies

I will be very busy for these next few months, so I will unfortunately have to hang up the gloves for a bit. Or hopefully use this new business opportunity as an outlet to channel the same spirit this blog has created, through different means. I am starting a new business plan which will focus on art, expression, and community. Ive always been artistically inclined and I've finally decided to learn the adobe software. Learning this software on top of starting this new business up will take most of my time, I will try to post here when I can. Keep up the good fight, stay aware, and stay true, by any means necessary. Thanks for the support, keep an eye on my new art blog! The Tao of Anarchy  although for now my business will come first.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Sooner or later we all face the facts, that we've sold our souls for some table scraps.

Here's a throwback. This is kind of like the spiritual anarchists cook book. It questions everything, from speech, to religion, to common law, but does so eloquently and convincingly.  
This kid is obviously well versed in these subjects and does a good job conveying their essence. I wish there were more films like this, it's short and sweet, but also direct and wise.  So pay close attention. Also understand that this film offers a small glimpse of each topic covered, and each can be greatly expanded upon. 
Once we learn to accept our problems as manifestations of our collective psyche or self, they become our own. The solutions exist within us, and in how we perceive and interact with god. The more in tune we can get with ourselves and each other, the faster we will collectively begin to make these connections. 
Edit: I'm not gonna say this video is 100% truth. I remember when it first came out in 2010 it was all sourced, though they've seemed to have been lost, if you question what he puts forth, I urge you to research it yourself. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Foundation is key. Learning this stuff is hard for anyone, but without a proper foundation to base your beliefs on is almost impossible, which is the main reason most ppl refuse to even consider it. Because even if we can prove certain points as factual, if the rest of the theory doesn't match up with ones broader perspective, they will usually reject it, especially if the information puts ones livelihood at risk. 
The elites know this and use it to their advantage, it's how they are able to hold such ceremonies and use their symbols so openly within our culture. They set up different institutions and let us build our lives around them, public education tells us what to believe. Media tells us how to act. A perfect balance of capitalism and socialism, the economy stays low, we stay busy, college loans keep us indebted and government programs keep us reliant. I want to start this blog as a counter foundation of sorts, a belief system first because that is where the elites foundation is weakest. Instead of giving our ppl anything worthy or inspirational to believe in, the general consensus within the scientific community and therefore our society at large is that of a dead world, or a chance happening that lacks any meaning whatsoever, therefore we often see this lack of value or void echoed throughout society and the world. 
Don't you think if we know the elites practice and believe in these mystical teachings, there's probably a reason it hasn't been further validated or accepted by science or society? The closest thing we have to it is the new age movement, and rather than validate these points it seems to make them only more inaccessible to the average person. Ultimately because science is said to have also proven religion false, it's further assumed by the masses that all metaphysical belief forms or mystical teachings are just as imaginary. What's so hypocritical about this viewpoint, is that even the most advanced science to date quantum physics, stands diametrically opposed to these older forms of thought. Theories such as alternate dimensions or subjective reality become much more plausible, even probable. In order to layout a foundation for something of this nature, it's important give you all a new template to base your reality by. 
This new template will help us understand why the elites place so much emphasis on symbolism and our ethos. Why getting into our heads is so important. I believe it's because with their help, we have forgotten our divine nature. So by creating this disconnect and then using us much like antennas they’re channelling their desired reality. I know this might sound far fetched, but in fact if we can accept this template, it becomes obvious that this is the case. This is a control mechanism meant to keep us from achieving awareness, which the Buddha taught as the path to awakening. With the forced fluoridation of our drinking water, to calcify our pineal glands, then the bombardment of entertainment, meant to cater to our lower emotions, thought structures and chakra's, and further disconnect us, focusing on our more animalistic, tribal, instincts. A war on awareness, if they can always keep our minds off the present moment, then we will never be able to fix the problem at hand.
 So because science is our god you could say, or our education has taught us to value science above all else, I will start out with a recent reddit post I read that describes my belief system perfectly using just science, this is the template.  Also all of this is simply elementary knowledge and figuratively is just getting your feet wet. Once you start taking these things seriously you will find your own individual path. You can always look to me for answers but I think you will have more success simply looking within ie meditation. This book has been invaluable to me, I'm sure this writer will do a better job with these teachings than I will, it's worth the money. 
Whats great about buddhism is the teachings are transcendent, they compliment any religion, philosophy or etho's, thats why you will  often hear buddhism referred to as a philosophy. Buddha told it how it is. Not to say other religions aren't also valid. People of different cultures and backgrounds have always found these connections and expressed it in many ways. God permeates and surrounds us, so the teachings are never out of reach. 
What Iv found is individually it's hard to make any progress, because collectively we are holding each other back. I've personally made enough to validate my faith, and I believe anyone who makes an effort to can achieve the same. Though we are a collective, and we need to start working as a collective, to make any real progress. Only when we can come together and let go of this falsely created division will we see the change we need manifest exponentially. Again not trying to sound like a know it all, learning this in my research has really only taught me how little I do know. Yet it opens up a new universe of discovery and inspiration, it is this very world these elites would deny us.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Mission Statement

This will be my first post and the sister blog to Can I live, called Conspirituality, or Concious Collective. I've created her to deal with some of the more occult aspects of this NWO global conspiracy, and talk about how this relates to us spiritually. Can I live will deal more evidence relating to certain people, and crimes perpetrated. It will still deal of course with the occult aspects relating to these people, but I will try to keep the first to be recording, organizing and analyzing suspicious data, and evidence. Where here I will try more to make sense of it all! Also Im learning with you, Im not exactly an expert on this stuff. Whereas I know more and am more confident on CIL of the information and what it implies; here I want to approach these subjects with humility, and hopefully some fluidity because this is where it gets important, imo. The truth is delicate, and should always be treated as such. Nothing is definite, as is the nature of reality, though some things are eternal. Also I imagine this blog wont fill up as quickly as CIL, because Id like to try and keep this site sacred in a sense. So because Im not exactly spiritually adept yet, I will try and keep it short and sweet, as Ive often found simplicity is key. Who knows as time goes by I may feel more comfortable and inspired, I hope so. As for now I feel a bit worried and frozen, but this is helping me warm. I hope to provide the readers of this blog with a bit of the same therapy Im gaining from writing, so thanks for helping! Ill leave you with some old school, underground, trippy, homegrown VT hip hop. I used to listen to this in middle school, lol